Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer most of your important questions here. If you do have a question that is not addressed please feel free to contact us at any time at
How long will my Affiliate application take?
We promise to review and assess each application within 48 hours, although this may take slightly longer during weekends. Once your application has been assessed you will receive details of your Affiliate account. If in the rare instances you have not heard from us within that time please contact When you apply for the Wise Traveller Affiliate program you should receive a confirmation email immediately. If this does not occur please contact us in case there was a technical issue.
How do I get paid?
Our normal payment option is via your preferred Paypal account, this is subject to usual Paypal fees. However in certain circumstances other arrangements can be made.
When do I get paid?
All Affiliates are paid on or before the 10th day of the month for the preceding month, as long as your account has accumulated the minimum transferable amount, usually US$100.00
How do I know my current balance?
Each month you will automatically receive an account statement confirming your accumulation. At anytime during a month you can also request a running balance by contacting and providing your affiliate number. As we improve our systems we will be introducing on line account statements.
Is there an up front fee or payment?
No, not at all. Joining as a Wise Traveller Affiliate is totally free, with no upfront costs.
Why is there a separate Affiliate website?
To ensure we track your referrals accurately we have launched a dedicated site for all our affiliates. This provides a slightly different application process for your referrals and ensures they are not mixed in with other channels we may use. Even if your referrals forget to credit you as the referrer we have a number of audit checks that can determine the original referral.
Why was my Affiliate membership cancelled or application rejected?
Although uncommon, in rare cases we may reject an application or cancel membership as an Affiliate for a number of reasons. These are usually related to Affiliates that have unrelated or socially questionable platforms or websites, abuse of spam policies or misrepresentations. We regularly audit Affiliates and traffic to ensure we maintain a professional and ethical brand so that all Affiliates benefit positively by being associated with The Wise Traveller.
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